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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why are you so vein? Vain? McBANE!

So like there are people who are just hard out vain. Like too vain. I might come across as vain, but as far as I know I don't go saying "OH I'm sexy, root me right now!" Hell to the no GIRLFRIEND! I don't go doin that shizz! But like I go around saying "Hey I am amazing!" Because I am joking. The only person who is amazing in this world is pretty much Justin Bieber.. I AM JOKING. DO NOT KILL ME! Anyway so like, I have witness and come across super vain people. Like it's soo annoying.. "oh hey!! I'm hot.. don't you wish you looked like me?" WELL!! Not exactly. I don't really intend on looking like an ass crack. But like, wow. SOO ANNOYING! Like annoying as those friggin trumpet crap that goes on 24/7 in the world cup. I WOULD LIKE TO WATCH A 90 MINUTE GAME OF FOOTBALL WITHOUT THE NEED OF WANTING TO KILL MYSELF. THANK YOU! Anyway, like wow. Specially when they go.. "I'm just joking" WELL OBVIOUSLY YOU'RE NOT. So shut up. I'ma hit you with my shovel... Anyway! So yeah, no. Keep dreaming. You are not amazing, you are not Justin Beiber. You are .. dumb. So yeah.. Wow I have raged a lot haven't I. My apologies. It just needed to be said. I like people, but there are annoying people. OH YEAH THERE AREN'T ANY STUPID QUESTIONS, JUST STUPID PEOPLE.. OH I LOVE SOUTHPARK!! I'm actually nice, but not to people who annoy me <>

It's time for Brens to go, It's time for brens to rokku - go!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DSLR: Canon vs. Nikon.

Okay, so I've had an avid passion for photography ever since I first camwhored. Although it took me long to figure out that there are other things in life to photograph other than myself, photography is great! Hey, I'm not really that vain, I just never took interest in taking photos of things unless it was to update my Bebo. Yes, Bebo. I guess you can say photography is one of those passions that you accidentally discover. Like when you light yourself on fire and when you start moving around to put it out, you think to yourself "Woah, I'm really not that bad at dancing. This is amazing." It's really one of those moments. I was taking a photo of my hair for a hair group on Bebo when I barged myself and I took a photo of a pot by accident. It startled me to see how much depth I manage to capture using a simple digital camera. This was the beginning of my passion for photography. I'd simply go outside ever so often to take snap shots of my surroundings. It was fun, it was simple, yet amusing. Life needs one of those simple things that just make your day. Taking photographs was mine.

I'm currently in the process of purchasing my first ever DSLR. These are pretty much the top range of cameras and also cos a hell of a lot of money. I've done some thorough research to see which DSLR I should purchase. My mother is paying for the DLSR, not me, the only thing she wants out of it is a HD movie mode. Due to the fact that we will be going to the USA and she wants some nice videos of us acting like tourists, fun. Here are the three DSLR's that we have chosen as our pick.

CANON EOS 550D - Twin 'IS' Lens Kit

This DSLR is apparently one of the best to come from amateur photography into professional. It comes with 18MP of pure stunning picture quality. It features and an LCD screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The EOS 550D records in full HD with the choice of recording in 37f/ps or 22/f/ps. The body of this camera features a HDMI input which basically means that you can view the photos direct from the camera straight onto the TV. Of course, as long as the TV features a HDMI input and is HD itself. I guess this camera has an array of amazing features. The 18.0 megapixel just is amazing. Most cameras I've used have only had less than 10MP or a maximum of 12MP. This is camera has a price range of about $1,400 - $2,000. They come cheaper but that's only for the single lens or just the body itself.

CANON EOS 500D - Twin 'IS' Lens Kit

This is the predecessor of the 550D. It is one of the few Canon cameras which come with High Definition recording. This camera still boasts a 15.1MP that can shoot stunning photographs. This DSLR records videos in a 20bit rate in full HD. Being the predecessor of the 500D, it will be less extravagant yet it still has features which allow it to stand out from the other DSLR's which are available. The price range of this camera starts from $1,000 to $1,800.

NIKON D90 - Twin 'VR' Lens Kit

This camera is one of the top in the industry for it's price. The manager of TVSN went to a camera store and asked them for the best video camera that was under $5,000. Surprisingly enough he was handing the NIKON D90. A group in Sydney recorded their Music Video using this camera. Although it only features 12.3MP of shooting power, the quality of the shots are still amazing. This is by far the camera I wish to get, but the price is a bit much. Hopefully enough we can get this camera due to the fact that it is amazing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Student + died = Studied, I don't study cos I want to live.

Exams, exams, exams. I don't know why I'm whinging cos I didn't really have that many or hard ones. But yeah I don't like em. It's like I don't even need to know the stuff the question you about. Like sometime in my life I will need to use the shadow to work out the time. Nah, I'll just use my head to buy a watch. Or just nah, not using the shadow. Looks stupid. Seriously, not keen on exams. Never was. Maths is the worst cos like I really don't have a clue why it's necessary. I'm happy knowing my ABCs, would not make me happier if I knew my 123s. Like Banana's in pyjamas. So like today, I went to my maths exams thinking, oh yep, defs going to get an A for this. NOT. I've always never been good at maths. I'm like hopeless, like I understand it and stuff, but nope. EFF THAT, not going to live all of my life finding 'X', hey, I'm not a pirate. So I had to go to my exam an hour later. Cos my bus is stupid and likes to come every hour. Also because I wanted to watch Sunrise. It was kind of good that I went early though. Cos I had to buy a ruler. SPENT 50C on a ruler then I did not even use. Was very upset. That's 50C that could have gone into my subway! Which I did not even get. Exam was annoying, question I did not understand. So I made up crap, which means I will get an A. Not really, probs a D. I dunno, I hope I got a B. Or else I will cry, nah I'm not a biatch. I'm tough, I eat cement for dinner. -cough- After the exam was finished went to tech studies, Was defs boring. Went home early, then here I am. Typing this crap while listening to Fox Sport news. I need a hug, from like a babe. Would make me very happy. I like stuff, your stuff. Yes, I do not make sense. I loves it.

It's time for Brens to Go, It's time for Brens to Rokku-GO!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hungry Jacks

So everyday after school I used to go buy myself a large double whooper meal. I know what you're thinking, I'm so healthy! But nah I don't anymore and I usually like buy myself some sushi cos I'm such an Asian. Back to the point. I always go there at the plaza and I dunno it's gross. You don't realise how gross it is when you see the food stalls that are near at it are healthy (KFC, Subway and some Australian Fish and Chip store run by Asians hahha.) I went into Hungry Jacks one day after a long 5 hour day of school. I was tired due to the fact that I love school and I put so much effort into it, not really. Anyway I was standing there in the que staring into the distance cos I was bored of waiting. I looked around and saw McDonalds and thought if I should get that instead. BUT, Hungry Jacks commercials always say that they have the better burgers. Seeing as advertisements are always CORRECT I dedicated myself and stayed in the line. I walked over to her and she said the usual "Yeah, what do you want?"... I was like... "b!!!!!!tchh!!!" in my head ofcourse.. haha nah I said.. "uhh can I have one of those quarter pounder things" She looked back at me with her dero face and said.."we don't sell that here"... I looked back at her thinking she was on drugs and said.. "yes you do!" and she looked back at me and replied " nah mate we don't sorry.." I was getting upset cos she wasn't taking my order properly and I no longer wanted to play her stupid "We don't sell that" game. So I was about to smack her with the umbrella I had in my hand.. but I didn't.. and I remember where I was.. So I was like.. "ohh oops.. yeah give me that whooper stuff." And she smiled.. and said "Sure..." So I was like.. ehhhhh.. yeah end of that story hha. anyway.. ZOOMBO! or zongo? What the eff is that.. that dancing thing where you loose weight.. I guess you have to smile to loose weight hahaha such a LOL.. anyway.. FAREWELL!

It's time for Brens to Go - It's time for Brens to Rokku - GO!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Simply LOL.

You know those things in life that no one gets except you? Well there are certain things that everybody understands. Like I don't even know any more I can't even type properly cos my fingers are shaking. Not cos I'm scared, cos like I'm soo laughing heaps. I can't really breathe anyway cos I'm not trying to laugh out loud so I don't look like a massive tool in the lounge room. But like seriously, I don't even know what to say. I'm just too content in laughing. I like moments like these, cos they're like full of LOL. Why do people do that to themselves. Like seriously I don't know any more. I can't even think straight or of it's real. No one's really that dumb? But like, wow. No one will actually understand this except a small group of people. Like saying group of people is even sad but funny. FAAAHAHHAHAHAHAH

"It's time for Brens to GO, It's time for Brens to Rokku - GO"

Shupar Shtargh

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a Shupar Shtargh? What's a Shupar Shtargh you ask? Well, I don't know. Just think of Jar Jar Binx saying Super Star and you might be close. Something about an aeroplane driving around in a cliff being ready to be boarded by a group of penguins. Penguins which just got off economy class from Mozambique. Why is there a large group of Penguins driving an aeroplane around a cliff you ask? Well the same principle can question the integrity of driving a Toyota Prius around in a race track. There's just a point to it somehow. It just isn't that clear, obviously. There is just that one thing that leaves you wondering, why is there a pie in my car? Not that I own a car, so this question doesn't even regard me so like. WHAT THE EFF? Confusion seems like a friend to me at this moment, you understand why, now or maybe later. It's just like a city using fairy lights as street lights, IT LOOKS AMAZING. But like, it's too much effort. No one wants to be in a plane near a cliff with a bunch of penguins in the cock pit. hehe cock.. pitt.. SO like, why? I don't know myself Mr. But like yeah. if anyone actually understood anything in this post, I applaud you. Cos I don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm sane, not really. I don't know, I need coffee.

"It's time for Brens to GO, It's time for Brens to Rokku - GO"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Enough Weeks.

Okay, so I'm pretty much on the verge of falling asleep and it's only 3PM. It's also hot as hell, not that I know how hot hell is and nor do I wish to find out. I'm pretty tired from doing nothing. My sleeping habit isn't even as bad as it used to be. During the summer holidays I would stay up till 4am or later and wake up around 12PM. SUCH A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. I thought I was pretty much screwed up when school was about to begin but it I wasn't. These holidays I've been sleeping at around 11PM or later. It's pretty good, I don't stray around on Facebook until 2am doing nothing any more. Kind of life a relief, but not really. I went to the city the other day and was like pretty much really tired. I slept at around 12AM the previous night and woke up at around 7am. WHY WOULD I DO SUCH A THING YOU ASK? Well due to the fact that I'm pretty stupid and like fully forgot to charge my IPOD. No ipod, no nothing, no music no day. You get the point.

So anyway, I've been wanting to nap lately, but I haven't. I'm too busy being amazing nah not really. Holidays for me don't mean much, it's just a break from doing assignments. This time, this wasn't the case due to the fact that we were still bombarded with assignments and tasks to complete before the holidays were officially over. The holidays, OUR ONE WEEK OF HOLIDAYS! This pretty much goes to the title of this post. NOT ENOUGH WEEKS. I highly doubt that one week is enough for us. People in other states are like swimming around in two weeks of holidays. Just soo upset about it all. Not really, last year of school. THEN BADIMSDS. DOn't ask. So yeah I'm actual so tired. I downloaded a whole heap of Pokemon theme songs to nap too only because they are totally awesome. I might do some work on my Graphics assignment today, probably not. I seem to want to rather do something that wastes my time than work that will 'apparently' benefit me in the future. So anyway, MR SUN. Why don't you just eff off okay. Summer is gone, so like, bring MR COLD. OR MR SNOW. I've never met MR SNOW but would like really appreciate in meeting him. Would probs make snow angels up on his ass. So yeah GO AWAY OKAY. I can't nap through the day because of your hotness. I do sometimes appreciate your hotness but that's pretty rare. Because you're an a-hole. What am I even talking about, I guess tiredness has got the best of me. I don't know what I'm really talking about nor do I know what I'm thinking. Something like that guy who sang 'I will always love you' LIN CHU YUN or something. HEY, I don't care if that guy is the Asian Susan Boyle, but far out he's amazing. Would rather listen to him sing than any of the auto-tuned Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber than floats in today's radio. Not that I'm hating, well I am. He is actual amazing, at age 24, looking like he does, sounding like a girl. But I do like his vocal range and his ability. I saw a vid of him on youtube where someone did a colaboration of him and what's her face, Whitney Houston. They were both amazing, she was amazing back then. If you want to much crap down your throat, you sorta get effed up. I hope this Asian kid doesn't do the same, he is awesome and I wish him the best in life.

'It's time for Brens to GO, It's time for Brens to Rokku-GO'